Holland Heights Church is a body of believers gathering together to Love God, Love People, and Be Disciples Who Make Disciples. The basis for this work is being grounded in scripture, prayer and growing in fellowship with each other. We gather weekly for worship as well as have many other learning and fellowship opportunities throughout most weeks of the year.


Our church stands on a firm foundation of God’s Word, the Bible, and we are supported by a denomination, the Christian Reformed Church of North America. This means that we don’t simply see ourselves as a congregation, but as a part of a larger body of Christ. Our denomination is a stepping stone to our understanding of ourselves as the church universal, the body of Christ around the world. 

To learn more about what we believe, you can find more information in the following creeds and statements of faith from the Christian Reformed Church website:

If you have questions or would just like to chat about our church, feel free to email Pastor Ralph (rbeidler@hhcrc.org) or call the office to schedule an appointment.